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Good afternoon everyone on behalf of north Carolina’s Secretary of Commerce Michelle baker Sanders welcome to Raleigh and to our special guest welcome to north Carolina. My name is Marquita Welton. I’m Chief of Staff at the north Carolina Department of Commerce, all of us at the Department of Commerce are thrilled by the news the governor is sharing with us today. News that Secretary Sanders would say makes north Carolina the envy of the world and it’s pretty big news. Yes, many important dignitaries are here joining us this afternoon. The Vietnam ambassador to the United States Ambassador zone here with us from Washington. United States Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, the honored guests on our day as you’ll hear from in a moment and here in front of me, the elected officials who made this possible officials from the location that today is the talk of the town Chatham county and mhm thank you all for coming for many, many reasons. Today is meaningful. It’s a day to announce new jobs in north Carolina and many families will benefit from these jobs. It’s a day to hear about a significant investment in north Carolina, an investment that will further strengthen our states. Already strong economy and it’s a day to learn about an exciting company and the big plans they’re launching right here in north Carolina. Secretary Sanders reminds us today, north Carolina demonstrates the power the power of working together toward a common goal and though it may sound cliche economic Development is a team sport when we work together and play nice together, We all win. Thanks the company. We celebrate today could have gone anywhere, but they chose north Carolina in part because we work together as a team beginning with our partners at the Economic Development Partnership of north Carolina headed by Ceo chris cheung. And I believe Gene McLorin, the board of E D P and C. Is here along with the D. P. And C. Board members. We thank you for all you do and for your support of our work. We’d especially like to thank E. D. P. And C. Senior business manager Austin raus for his tireless work on this project along with commerce team members. David Spratly, Senior Assistant Secretary of Finance and mary Elizabeth Wilson, our general counsel and all of commerce team members who played a role in speedily getting us here today because it’s this was fast and furious. I gotta tell you, yeah. Are welcoming and collaborative reputation is well known in the business world. During today’s program. You’ll be hearing more about the many organizations that make up team north Carolina to start. We must acknowledge our partners at Golden Leaf Foundation scott Hamilton’s. I know I saw scott earlier scott Hamilton’s as the president and Ceo and ted Lord Senior vice president and general counsel for their support and contribution to this project. Thank you. Okay at the Department of Commerce. There’s no greater priority than the development of the state’s workforce. In addition to our outstanding university system and our network of workforce boards across the state. The community college system is a key partner in helping companies find the skilled workers, they need to thrive in our state. And we thank our colleagues, thomas stiff and dr Bruce Mac at the north Carolina community college system. Thank you. We’re committed to ensuring north Carolinians every opportunity to live healthy, happy and prosperous lives and that our state’s economy is one that works for all people. Secretary Sanders. And I appreciate the leadership of our governor for this vision and for leading us towards a better, more inclusive future. So now let’s hear the announcement. We’ve all been working so hard for and confidently waiting for, join me and please welcome me governor Roy cooper. Mhm. Mhm. Well, thank you Chief of Staff Walton. Good afternoon everybody. It is so great to be with you today, right here in our capital city of Raleigh today. We’re excited to make a major jobs announcement. one that is historic and groundbreaking not only for north Carolina, but for the entire country today, we’re continuing to secure our clean energy future and protect our planet for generations to come. We’re continuing to strengthen our economy by bringing even more good paying jobs to our state. I am pleased to announce today that then fast, a global automaker that is building a new fleet of passenger electric vehicles Has selected Chatham county north Carolina for a major auto manufacturing center that will bring at least a $4 billion 7500 good paying jobs to our state. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Unless there be any question about the color of my tie today. It is then fast colors. Yeah, then fast. We’ll bring north Carolina’s first automobile assembly plant, our second electric vehicle, battery plant and thousands of direct and indirect jobs. This will create opportunities for engineers, technicians and numerous production positions. But that is just the start. As we anticipate this facility will draw vendors and suppliers from far and wide. Then fast as a company based in Vietnam with operations around the globe, they could have gone anywhere in the world to build the state of the art center, but they chose to build their first north american factory right here in north Carolina. They know about our strong workforce, they know about our high quality of life, they know about our great business climate and they know about our commitment to clean energy. We’ve been focused on charting our clean energy future, including transition to clean transportation, Along with leaders in the General Assembly who are here today, we enacted landmark legislation to reduce North Carolina’s carbon emission in the power sector by 70% by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. And through my executive order to 46, we’ve set carbon emission reductions for our transportation sector as well. In addition, the order calls for increasing the number of electric vehicles on our roads and now some of them will be made right here in our state. Okay. And we know that achieving a clean energy future for all, will take strong partnerships including across oceans with companies like then for decades, north Carolina has sought to bring auto manufacturing to our state. Well now it’s coming on the way of clean energy and it’s been worth the wait. The state of north Carolina is proud to be a partner in this project. Our economists have examined the numbers and estimate the state’s economy were increased by $71.6 billion 30 years. As a result of this effort now results like these takes teamwork and I want to thank Secretary Michelle Sanders and her team at the Department of Commerce. I’d like to thank chris chung’s team at the Economic Development partnership of north Carolina. I’d like to thank the departments of Transportation and Environmental quality. I want to thank the leaders of the General Assembly, Senator burger speaker, more representative Reeves, Senator fu XI and Senator Blue all working hard on this and there’s still a little work for us to do appreciate the north Carolina. Ports Duke Energy, the Golden Leaf Foundation CsX Attorney General josh stein in his office along with all of Chatham County’s local elected officials and the local economic developers and partners, including the Chatham county Economic Development Corporation. Many, many more people are community colleges are going to play such a large role in this. This will be an outstanding future for everyone. We look forward to a great future as we build together in north Carolina. And now we are very honored to have the ambassador on behalf of the country of Vietnam to the United States. When Watson who is with us today? Mr ambassador. Mm hmm. Thank you so much. Honorable Roy cooper Governor of north Carolina. Thank you sir for your great remarks and honorable senators and members of Congress. Representatives of departments in north Carolina Madam. Leighty 2, 3 vice president of the group and my colleagues. Ambassadors. Permanent representative of Vietnam to the United Nations distinguished guests. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure and also right to join you today at the signing ceremony between group and north Carolina. This event is an excellent departures. It’s real hope that one day in the near future uh, wind fast electric vehicles manufactured in north Carolina will be seen running on the streets around the globe. The ceremony today therefore is significant not only to win group and north Carolina but also to the Vietnam US relations, I wish to congratulate with group and north Carolina on this remarkable my stones. Ladies and gentlemen, 27 years after the normalization, the Vietnam US relations have grown by leaps and bounds. Starting with the corporations to address world legacy issues. Vietnam and the U. S. Have down become strong partners in all areas, including trade, investment, digital transformations, climate change, decarbonization, people to people exchanges, etcetera. So today event is also an outcome of this journey. Wind group is a big bride of Vietnam. One of the key players in the recent major transformations of the countries in the areas where they are active. Wind fast is the first Vietnamese global automobile brand for cursing on electrified movement and clean energy solutions seeking a sustainable futures for everyone. Just four years since its establishment when first emerged people by completing the most advanced manufacturing complex in the region And launched three vehicle motors just within 21 months. Studies statistics shows that being fast cast were the best seller in their segments in Vietnam. Most recently, Wynne Fast launched the global electric vehicle brand at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 And introduced its complete series of electric vehicles and pure electric strategy at CES 2022. That this, this group to invest in north Carolina is encouraging as it shows the strength and confidence of the Vietnamese business community and more broadly of Vietnam. Vietnam war torn countries a few decades back has transformed into a partner capable of engaging in complete international integrations. Vietnamese business now have the ability to establish footprints in the United States. The country is far from home and create jobs for american workers. Ladies and gentlemen, I think you would agree with me that the potentials for further cooperation between Vietnam and the U. S. Vietnam and north Carolina Carolina remain enormous North Carolina is hosting over 50,000 Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans who choose this state this state to state to work and study. I would like to thank governor Roy cooper authorities of north Carolina for facilitating this investment by wind group. I’m confident that the project will be the first of the band anymore to come between Vietnamese businesses and north Carolina. I started my two as the Ambassador of Vietnam to the United States a month ago and I am delighted that by first trips outside watching the disease to join you at this meaningful event, I assure you that the embassies and I would learn our shop to the realization of these projects. So I wish you all the best on this journey together. Thank you. Thank you so much for your kind. Okay, thank you Mr Ambassador. We’re very for your presence today. Some comments about a number of our employees officials. But first I want star of the show. Someone who is familiar Carolina. I’d like to have Yeah. Executive for vent vous madam. Tweet your Excellency Vietnam Ambassador to the U. S. Your excellency The Ambassador, the United Nations in new york Governor. Yeah, it’s ladies and like thank you for being here today to witness this important milestone for in group and win fast in the US after like three weeks of negotiation and hard work by both in group and win fast teams and the governor’s office. We have finally reached the stage today, I’m proud to announce that today we are signing the memorandum of understanding between Win fast and the north Carolina Governor’s office on the building of our Wind fast manufacturing site here in north Carolina. Okay. Founded in 1993 by our chairman. Wing Group is the largest private conglomerate in Vietnam and one of the leading multi industry private enterprises in Asia. The company operates across three core business areas including technology and industry trade and services and social enterprises. Regrouped business spent across several industry sectors from state retail, hospitality to education, health care and more recently technology and mobility in every industry that wing group enters. We always aim for the highest quality and standards. Every group has a track record of developing new businesses into market leaders in Vietnam obviously and globally as well. Um, in 2018 leaving group decided to redirect investment into technology and manufacturing. So, while continuing to consolidate its leading position in existing businesses group has also made remarkable achievements in its in the new area of business. Wind Fast became the first company to contribute to win groups vision of becoming a leading manufacturing technology company With the development of three vehicles and the construction of the state of the art factory in Vietnam within just 21 months and we want to replicate it here in north Carolina. We are putting out a press release today that we would like to complete the manufacturing the first stage of manufacturing complex here by July 2024. Mhm Um entered the Vietnamese passenger vehicle market in 2019 and within just two years we became one of the country’s fastest selling automakers. And now, after just over four years since inception of in Fast, We have already launched one e. V model in Vietnam last year and we are developing five other electric vehicle models for all segments to meet the global demand. Actually, you see two of them here today. So currently in Fast is working hard towards his next mission to become the world’s leading smart electric vehicle company with an ecosystem that includes electric cars, busses, bikes, East Ghouta and even charging stations. Our first E. V passenger car model, the V. S. E 34 was delivered in Vietnam market in 2021. And the next two models that you see here today, the VF eight, which is the red one and the Vietnam the great color one. Um when we deliver to the north America and european customers later this year. Um also earlier this year, in Fast was the first O. E. M. to announce its plan to go 100% electric by the end of 2022. This demonstrates our commitment to developing green and smart transportation and contributing to a more environmentally friendly planet. Mhm mhm. So has come a long way since entering the U. S. Market with the announcement, Our Los Angeles headquarters in November of 2021. And now we are taking it a step further by committing to the creation of this E. V. And battery manufacturing facility here in north Carolina. So with this wonderful 2000 plus acres facility capable of producing up to 150,000 vehicles per year only in the first phase wind fast will contribute to developing a robust E. V. Supply chain and create manufacturing jobs for us workers. The plant will also work to support America’s environmental and sustainability goals. The vehicles we produce will provide american families with a practical option for going electric, but at a reasonable price. Right? I’m very proud to call north Carolina my second home. It was my home for a while and I’m happy to see vin fas establishing is based here in the States. I would like to reiterate that wants to play an important, vital and long term role in ensuring America has resilient, clean energy supply chain. Once again, thank you for your collaboration for your support and for being here today. And I look forward to a long journey together. Thank you. Mhm. Okay. Mhm, mm hmm. Well, good afternoon. Um, I’m Phil berger. I served as the president pro TEM of the north Carolina Senate. I want to first uh, recognize several of our members of course senator who she is here. She, you will hear from her in just a little bit, but I see Senator Dave craven over there. Senator Vickie Sawyer and Senator Tom mcinnis, hopefully I’m not missing anybody. Um, Senator murdock is here. Uh, and senator murdock is down there. We are so pleased today with this announcement, Thank you so much. It is a great day for north Carolina. And I want to thank governor. I want to thank you and your staff and vin fast for giving me the opportunity to speak today. Mhm This is monumental for North Carolina. You know, when we reformed our tax policies back in 2013, there were a lot of detractors. A lot of folks said that those reforms would shrink state revenues and forest, drastic budget cuts. But those predictions turned out to be not only just wrong, but spectacularly wrong. Today’s announcement is just another example of the unprecedented growth in north Carolina’s economy fueled by low taxes, a strong workforce and reasonable regulations, businesses small and large are finding a home right here in north Carolina. And while it’s important, they aren’t moving here or expanding just because of the business climate. They also look at our skilled workforce and see a world of possibilities. Our K 12 University K 12 system, our University of North Carolina system and our community colleges are preparing north Carolinians to take on these new jobs, whether they’re in tech, pharmaceuticals or manufacturing. We are seeing the transition of our economy from being primarily based on textiles, furniture and tobacco. We are now becoming a destination for state of the art, manufacturing, research and technology. Then fast next generation design, technology and manufacturing will bring thousands of good paying jobs to North Carolinians been passed is a, is an innovative growth oriented company poised for great success. Its decision to build in north Carolina confirms what we’ve known for years. North Carolina is a global leader in business technology and workforce development. I appreciate vin fast commitment to north Carolina and look for a number of years working with them to see them grow in north Carolina and to see north Carolina continue to grow again. Thank you for your announcement today. I want to thank everybody for being here. God bless. Mhm, Good afternoon. It is indeed an honor to to also be in a position to welcome you to north Carolina on behalf of all of our citizens. We are so appreciative of you locating these jobs here this manufacturing and these are some really great looking cars. I mean, these things are amazing Reeves and I are just trying to decide who could, who could beat each other if we’re racing these things right now. Ah yeah, I look around this crowd and I see folks who I know have spent years of your lives working to do what we can to see that an auto manufacturing facility has come to north Carolina and the day that day is here. This has been a work in progress by but I know, I know you all in Chatham County have worked so hard on this for years. And it’s uh, it is, it’s been such an emergency that they actually bring the sirens and the lights for it. But it is, that’s the welcoming committee. Yeah. But this is indeed an amazing day in north Carolina and it is indeed a statement to what this state has done over these last few years to really to redefine itself. As, as senator Berger said, we, we’ve transitioned from an economy that was based on textiles, furniture and tobacco and the one that still has those components but also has a lot of high tech, has a lot of high skilled manufacturing and finally landing an automobile manufacturing facility is indeed a huge achievement for this state. And it’s one that I believe that vin fast is gonna reap the dividends as well. You know, we’ve invested record amounts when it’s come to public education in the state. From our commute from our elementary schools, K 12, our community colleges and the university system to make sure we have a train ready able workforce. And while we’ve got a, we’ve got a wonderful straight with, with great weather, while we’ve got a great, a great place with, with low regulations, with low taxes. The thing that really makes north Carolina amazing is our people and I think that you will find is you located north Carolina that it is indeed the people of our state that are the heart of the state and they will do all they can to be the hardest and best workers you’ve ever had. And I got a feeling from a number of, a lot of us are actually gonna be some customers as well. So on behalf of the House of Representatives, thank you so much for being here. Good afternoon everybody. And like the governor of my suit is being fast blue but unlike the governor, mhm let’s just say, but first before was thank you, thank you vin fast for choosing Chatham county. And this is something that touches me and we’ve got a lot of officials here from Chatham County. I was talking to Senator Fishy and chair Howard and we all started together and it’s just an amazing thing to see this happen at this time. And it’s just it feels like a long time ago. But I also want to thank all of you for being here. I want to thank everybody that’s been involved. I definitely want to thank Secretary Sanders. I know she’s not here today, but you don’t realize how much work goes into getting something like this. And and I know that the governor, Secretary Sanders especially um because we’ve got 11 hour time difference. And so uh they weren’t keeping banker’s hours for those of you who think we do bankers hours. But then I want to thank her Governor cooper. I want to thank you for your leadership throughout these last six years. Um you know, Speaker more president pro TEM burger, if you remember last year about this time we were signing the school bill and I said that I hope we have a lot more of these and we have had more of these joint press conferences this year That I think we have in the last eight. It’s fair to say. And what I said then is that we could be a beacon and example for the rest of the country about how you work together. It’s not about accepting. Yeah, it’s not about accepting or anything else. So it’s simply listening and compromising and knowing how to work together. And I want to thank both of you for the welcoming atmosphere that you’ve given to me since being leader of the cost. My name is robert reads, I’m Democratic leader, sorry. And also more importantly represent District 50 for Chatham County in Durham County right now. Soon to be Chatham and Randolph, but that probably helped. But I do want to thank you guys for all that you’ve done to make this a welcoming atmosphere a heck of a transition. And I think this is a good way to end the long session and we hope it’s ending. I also want to thank a lot of our officials. Obviously that guy’s gonna have an electric car soon, so we’ll probably buy one if he’s still got a license with that said, I definitely want to thank our officials. We’ve got our two former economic development chairs here and I’m glad to see both of them. We’ve got our present chair. I’m not gonna mention his name because we’re not gonna let you steal him from Chatham County. I want to thank our business leaders that are here. We have got uh, tim smith bubba rolls, Kirk, Bradley, Jason Kaplan who couldn’t be here. Who started this vision. Oh, Jason you are here. Good to see you. But I mean it takes vision, it takes investment, None of this stuff comes for free. And we know how hard you guys have worked and invested in Chatham. And we’re glad that Chatham is now able to repay your investment by getting something like this. And I want to tell you all that as a native Of this area, I grew up 15 minutes down the road from South City, about 25 minutes from Pittsboro and knowing the hub that Chatham once was for manufacturing and to see us go full circle, you have no idea how exciting this is. And it’s, it’s amazing to know that after all of these years of hard work that we’ve been blessed with what is arguably the largest investment north Carolina history by a private company last year. Yeah, I really want to put this in perspective because last year Governor Cooper over the last year announced 24,000 jobs that will bring $10.1 billion North Carolina and that’s an all time high. But just today we are announcing $4 billion 7500 jobs. And I mean if that doesn’t give you perspective, I don’t know what does. Okay. Mm hmm. And the good news is this is only going to pave the way for more investment because we’re not stopping here, campsite, you’re on the clock. We’re not stopping here. But landing this project, landing the Toyota project, getting apple, getting google. We have sent a message to the rest of the country, to the rest of the world that we will now be a leader in innovation and investment And what we have also shown people, we’ve had a lot of states that have shown us that something like this can be transformational, transformational. We’re going to show the rest of the country just how to make this transformational And we’re gonna look back on this day in 10 years, 20 years and we’re gonna know that all of us here today. many people who could not be here today had a hand in changing north Carolina into something that has never been before. And I think that what we all know after today are several things, leadership matters, the ability to talk and compromise matters. The ability to work together matters community matters and people above all else will always matter. So thank you all. Thank you vin fast. I can’t wait to come knocking on your door begging for cars. We’ll see. Mm hmm. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Good afternoon everyone. I am senator Valerie fu. She proudly representing Chatham county. Today. Today is historic day for Chatham county and the Triangle Vin Fast choosing to invest in our community will have a remarkable impact on our local economy. Then fast alone is creating 7500 jobs with the potential for many more and investing for billion dollars. That investment will create even more jobs in construction and local services and that impact will be felt as soon as the work begins and Monica cure economists expect that these continued investments in north Carolina can have a snowball effect and today’s announcement is more proof. Just in the last year we have seen an airplane manufacturer Apple Toyota and more plants plant their flags here in the heart of north Carolina. We are quietly becoming one of the manufacturing hubs of the south. With these continued investments into north Carolina. I want to acknowledge all of the hard work that goes into shepherding a project of this scale from start to finish. Then fast leadership, state and local government leaders and the hardworking economic development teams in our state agencies and in our communities have put in countless hours to get this done. Local leaders have been adamant that a project like this for Chatham was a matter of, if not when. And today is the day that all of that hard work pays off the impact that this project will have in Chatham and the Triangle region is hard to overstate. We are continuing to build a strong resilient economy in north Carolina and today is a big leap forward in that progress. This also shows that north Carolina’s investment in a strong workforce will continue to pay dividends, outstanding institution of higher learning, just a few miles up the road means that then fast and every corporation that chooses north Carolina will have a strong foundation to build upon. And dare I say it, it’s a great day to be a north Carolinian. Nothing could be finer. Good afternoon. My name is Karen Howard and I am Chatham county Board of Commissioners. Chair. Um Good afternoon to all of the distinguished guests, Governor, cooper ambassadors. Um, it’s such a pleasure to be here with you this afternoon. And yes, today does. Mark a pivotal time for Chatham county for the triangle region and for the state of north Carolina. So, on behalf of the Chatham county Board of Commissioners, I want to thank the visionary leadership at vin Fast for selecting Chatham County for this first electric car manufacturing sites. Okay, in Chatham County, we have been positioning ourselves for years to be ready for a forward thinking, future ready industry. I’m proud to be part of the team that set the groundwork for the presentation that we’re having today. This industry fits so well with plan Chatham and with our goals around sustainability and environmental impacts, which makes it even more of a welcome neighbor for Chatham. We’re going to be producing electric cars right here at home, reducing carbon emissions and providing thousands of jobs for Chatham County residents who have largely have had to travel significant distances to find good paying jobs and um this is going to change, this is going to make Chatham County a place where our kids can come back and work. Mhm. This investment is also going to change the ratio our tax base. So we have historically been a county that is heavily dependent on residential taxes and this is going to shift that that burden off of the shoulders of ordinary homeowners, but we could not have gotten here today without the support and collaboration of our partners, including the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, um the U. N. C. School of Government and many others with whom we have collaborated to arrive at this moment at the county level. We are deeply appreciative of the work of our county manager dan Lamontagne and his team of Mike smith and SAM ralph with the Economic Development Corporation and our Attorney bob Hagerman and many others who have partners with partners with us and work together with us to arrive at this point, but we know that there is a lot more work to be done in Chatham county. We know that we are better together and we are prouder today more than ever before of the collaborations that we have with Chatham county schools and our central Carolina community college. We are going to continue to work to build a strong resilient workforce that will not only meet the needs of then fast today, but the needs of future industries that are going to come to Chatham County County. So this board of commissioners remains committed to developing policy that ensures that Chatham county will continue to be a place that welcomes positive sustainable investment that will make a lasting impact on our community for generations of americans yet to be born. Thank you all for being here. Thank you all for joining us today. I ask that you remain seated for a few minutes longer. Governor cooper and Madame Tweedy are gonna move to my left for a ceremonial signing of a proclamation. Mhm No, thank you. Yeah, good, thank you. Thank you man sir. Okay. Yeah.